I’m Jaci McCarty and I help heal and empower people to manage their own stress response and feel more at ease in their own mind and body using tools from restorative yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

My unique method, The McCarty Method, encourages the activation of the “rest and digest” response and moves patients away from the “fight or flight” response. The Method includes four pillars: mind, body, breath, and heart.

Allowing the mind to slow and settle through meditation and present moment awareness. Also facilitating the mind-body connection.



Creating a safe and supported posture with the use of props and blankets, calming and warm atmosphere, and guided relaxation.

Conscious breathing practices that are calming for body, mind, and heart and activate the relaxation response and allow for emotional release.



Attention to the qualities of Greater Good and Heart Centered Mindfulness Practices that soothe and calm the inner being, allowing for acceptance of emotions.

Jaci McCarty, Certified Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation Teacher.

Meet Jaci

Jaci McCarty is both a Certified Yoga Teacher with advanced training and a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher serving Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. With over ten years of experience working with students in many different settings, including private, mental health and addictions, and corporations of all sizes, Jaci has discovered a unique method that encourages safety and ease. By empowering students to manage their own stress response and be deeply aware, Jaci ensures mindful living and meditation become a part of each student’s peaceful inner life.

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“Chronically stressed and traumatized people feel unsafe in their own bodies.” 

– Bessel A van der Kolk


  • Instructor at Northwestern Medicine CDH in Behavioral Health and Addictions

  • Instructor at Luxxe Honor Wellness

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

  • Jump Trading

  • Professional Speaker


  • Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) with over 200 hours of training

  • Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher (CMMT), with over 200 hours of training

  • Trauma Sensitive Training

  • Mind/Body and Stress Management Expert


  • Private sessions

  • Corporate training
  • Small groups
  • Lectures, special events, & retreats
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